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The "Run Like A Boss" 5K Staff, along with Javan and the Bailey family thank you in advance for your participation, contribution, and out-pouring of love and support for this event.  We'll See You Soon & God Bless!

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We invite you to join our 2023 9th Annual “Run Like A Boss” 5K Run/Walk.  This great event was created to support Javan Bailey and his vision to establish a foundation. 

Javan Bailey is a fellow citizen of the City of Athens, AL who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February 2015. Javan did not allow this diagnoses to negatively impact his life or purpose. His faith, courage, optimism and desire to help others are qualities that define this outstanding young man. Before and after the diagnoses, Javan continues to impact his family, friends and community with his positive spirit, attitude, and involvement.  Many lives in our community such as area cancer patients and their families has benefited from the “Run Like A Boss” 5K Run/Walk. 

Our mission is to simply impact individual lives in a positive way, and we are asking that you join us in our efforts to accomplish this “Goal”! Please, register today and help us in making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by cancer and bring awareness to those in the community.  

As our goal is to make this event one that will have a far-reaching impact on our community, our plea is that you will join us and get involved in making this great day a huge success!  There are several ways that you can join us and get involved in our 6th Annual "Run Like A Boss Virtual Edition" 5K Run event.  Simply click the Get Involved tab in the menu to learn how you can register, become a sponsor, make a donation, or simply volunteer.